A Service to Employers and the Staffing Industry from APCNY

APCNY was the first association of its kind to institute an arbitration service benefiting its   its members and constituents.  We are proud of our leadership role in fostering this cost-   effective avenue of resolving fee disputes that occasionally arise.  Established as a public service to employers and staffing firms in New York state, APCNY’s arbitration service is free of charge to all parties and is an attractive alternative to resolving disputes in the court system.

Arbitration cases may be initiated by either of the following parties as long as at least one party to the arbitration conducts business in the state of New York:

  • Any employer who has a fee dispute with a staffing firm.
  • Any staffing firm that has a fee dispute with another staffing firm or with an employer.

Note: membership in APCNY is not required by any of the parties involved.

APCNY members that are requested to participate in arbitration by another party are required to do so by the by-laws of the association.  Other parties enter into the arbitration process voluntarily, but once they agree to do so they are legally bound to abide by the decision of the arbitration panel.

We hope that you will never need to utilize APCNY’s arbitration services, but we assure you that if you do, you will experience professionalism, fairness, and timely resolution of your dispute.

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