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Preamble Personnel Consulting is a business which operates within the framework of competition. Keen and vigorous competition, honestly conducted, is necessary to the growth and health of American business generally, of which Personnel Consulting is an important part.

WE HOLD THAT a responsibility of Personnel Consulting is to be a benefi-cial and constructive force in business.

WE HOLD THAT to discharge this responsibility, Personnel Consultants
must recognize an obligation to their clients, employment-seeking indi-viduals, and each other.

WE HOLD THAT, as a specific and important part of this responsibility,
Personnel Consultants will extend professional service to all qualified applicants.

FINALLY, WE HOLD THAT this responsibility for professional practice will
best be discharged if all Personnel Consultants observe a common set of
guidelines of ethical practice.

TO THIS END, the Association of Personnel Consultants of New York State,
Inc., has adopted these guidelines, subscribed to and endorsed by all
members as a condition of their continued membership.

Responsibility to Applicants

1. Applicants should be referred to employers for interviews only after au-thorization has been given by employers.
2. Applicants should receive all available and pertinent information about
potential employers that is essential to evaluate referrals.

3. Information provided by applicants regarding prior job referrals or contacts should not be used by Personnel Consultants to the detriment of
those applicants.

4. Confidential information learned from applicants should be treated ac-cordingly.
5. If applicants indicate prior referrals to positions, Personnel Consultants
with the same listings may, and only with the applicants’ consent, verify
whether such referrals have occurred or are in progress.

Responsibility to Employers

1. Personnel Consultants should not knowingly misrepresent applicants’
employment records, qualifications, or salary requirements to employ-ers.
2. Applicants should be referred to employers for interviews only after prior
authorization by employers.
3. Presentations of applicants to employers should represent bona fide
4. Confidential information learned from employers should be treated ac-cordingly.
5. Applicants should not be solicited for other positions while still working
for the employers with whom they have been placed by the same Per-sonnel Consulting firm, unless applicants initiate reactivation of their
6. Personnel Consultants should not recruit or attempt to recruit any em-ployee of an active client.
7. All fees should be discussed before a referral is made.
8. Any credits, adjustments, or refunds should be made promptly.

Responsibility to Personnel Consultants

1. Personnel Consultants should honor referrals by other Personnel Con-sulting firms and should not interfere with the normal referral process.

Advertising and Promotion

1. Advertisements of positions in newspapers or any other media should
be factual and refer to bona fide openings available at the time the copy
is submitted.
2. Personnel Consulting firms should provide accurate information regard-ing availability of previously advertised positions.
3. Personnel Consulting firms should not make false or deceptive claims,
comparisons, or representations in advertisements, promotions, or so-licitations.

1. Personnel Consulting firms should direct the activities of their Personnel Consultants so as to promote and maintain the ethical and professional aspects of job placement.
2. Members agree to cooperate fully in any investigation by the Association’s Ethics Committee.
3. Apparent violations of the APCNY Guidelines for Ethical Business Prac-tice should be reported immediately to the chairperson of the
Association’s Ethics Committee.

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